Our four programmes that deliver our Commissioning for Outcomes approach are:

Kaiārahi (Navigators)

Kaiārahi are the Whānau Ora ground-force, supporting whānau to access integrated care and support. Kaiārahi advocate for whānau and wrap the necessary services around them to assist in achieving whānau goals.

Over 200 Kaiārahi are deployed throughout the North Island. 

Whānau Direct Whanau Direct Logo

Whānau Direct offers whānau access to financial resources in moments that matter most to them. To overcome obstacles that stand in the way of whānau achieving their goals.

Collective Impact

A solution for supporting whānau success

To support whānau to achieve their goals solutions must go beyond just one programme or Whānau Ora partner.

Whānau often have multiple and complex needs which require a range of Whānau Ora partners, and other groups, to come together to support successful change for whānau.

Whānau Ora Collective Impact initiatives

Fourteen partnerships with unique initiatives, representing more than 80 organisations across the North Island are focused on building whānau capacity and capability.

A collective is a group of organisations that come together to tackle an issue in a new way. It involves a commitment to partnership, exchange, accountability and the willingness to change.

Collective Impact is a revolutionary approach to tackle complex challenges.

It works across all sectors and organisations to create common strategies to achieve a common goal.


The Innovation Fund supports our Whānau Ora partners to meet whānau needs and support them to achieve outcomes through an innovative approach.