About us

Whānau Ora is a culturally-based, and whānau-centred approach to wellbeing focused on whānau (family group) as a whole, as the decision-makers who determine their goals and aspirations.

Building on the strengths and capabilities of whānau and wrapping the necessary services and support around them to get better outcomes and create positive changes. In areas such as health, education, housing, employment, improved standards of living and cultural identity.

Whānau are supported to fully realise the confidence, mana and the belief in self, family and community.



Shifting the focus from ‘services for individuals’ to ‘wrapping services around whānau’ takes a more holistic view of family wellbeing.

Placing whānau at the centre allows those who are often overwhelmed or disempowered to determine what success is to them – encouraging them to develop their own solutions and build their capacity and resilience to become self-managing.

Whānau often have complex needs. Specialist Navigators assist them in accessing integrated care and support. When obstacles stand in their way, they are supported to move from crisis into planning for their future.


Delivery by Whānau Ora partners

Delivering Whānau Ora through Non-Government Organisation’s means decision-making happens free from an overly risk-averse and micro-managed environment.

Community-based Whānau Ora partners sit in the communities they support. They can use local knowledge and adapt to issues happening in their community. It helps grow adaptive ideas, innovative thinking and solutions when it comes to providing local support.

Whānau Ora have specialist staff who act as navigators and advocate for whānau. They work with whānau to find the services and support needed.