The Pomana whānau had dreams and things they wanted to achieve but had never sat down and made a planned out how to reach them.

Jordan and Erina were spending everything they earned. Working with their Kaiārahi, they made a Whānau Ora plan.

“If we didn’t sit down and do that plan, I reckon we would just slide through life.  It actually makes a huge impact to help us be positive and keep moving forward.” says Erina.

Erina dove into her Māoritanga and started her journey into learning te reo.  A new job, more education and their tamariki in good schools were all realised.

Kaiārahi Des says, “By having the Whānau Ora plan, having the aspirations written down, putting goals besides those aspirations.  It all comes up from the foundation. The only way it works, and it works well.”

21 February 2019

Jordan & Erina Pomana

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