Leading Maori Health IT provider Whānau Tahi has developed new technology facilities to support community and health care workers track Covid-19 with the click of a button.

Whānau Tahi, New Zealand’s leading provider of connected health and social services, have released the following IT solutions that are available for immediate deployment to District Health Boards, General Practioners, Pharmacists, community-based support workers, and Whānau Ora Providers.

Covid-19 Response

Community and Whānau Ora providers using the Navigator interface have hot buttons which set the following whānau states with one click:
Covid-19 Self Isolation
Covid-19 Symptomatic or Diagnosed
Covid-19 HAS pack supplied (Hygiene and Sanitation)

Dashboards, views and including mapping tools provide visibility on the number and location of whānau in the two categories and/or those that have received hygiene and sanitation packs from North Island Whānau Ora providers. All health and support workers engaging with whānau will automatically receive alerts of whānau status when accessing or updating appointments, case notes and or other records.

Clinical workers - primary and secondary care clinicians, pharmacists, and other authorised users - using the Connected Care interface will have visibility of status information from community and Whānau Ora workers. This would help clinicians assess proper Covid-19 treatment or advice to be shared with community workers for appropriate follow-up and care, in locations where that exchange of information is approved.

The primary to secondary interface delivers Covid19 Alerts to DHB services and provides secure communications between the health service workers.

The Connected Care Patient Portal provides patient self-monitoring and ACP, with family member/support member access.


Facilities that do not currently have access to a Whānau Tahi system can gain access through one of two pathways:
1. If you are affiliated with a Whānau Tahi enabled DHB or regional alliance, access can be provided through your DHB. Contact Whānau Tahi support (support@whanautahi.com) to be directed to the Connected Care administration team in your region.
2. Non-affiliated sites can request rapid deployment by contacting Whānau Tahi directly on info@whanautahi.com. For more information on Whānau Tahi go to www.whanautahi.com or for information about its parent company go to www.waipareira.com

26 March 2020

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