Rauawaawa Kaumātua Trust, Collectively Innovative & Award Winning.
Our Chair Merepeka Raukawa-Tait is Miss Te Arawa 2022.
Congratulations to our board member, Robin Hapi for this honour….
Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency Conference Overview
CEO John Tamihere pays his respects to the late Queen Elizabeth
Memorandum Of Practice Signals Collaboration With Wai Tech.
COVID: We Are All Over It!!
Māori health authority will benefit all, not just Māori
Te Pāti Māori Elect John Tamihere As New President
About Time For Māori, The Critics Hate It.
Amazing Outcomes For Tamariki At Risk Due To Lack Of Funding.
Why The Trolls Obsess Over Jacinda Ardern & Clarke Gayford.
Self Governance Is Not Seperatism.
Whānau Ora Win Comprehensive Victory Over Ministry of Health
Whānau Ora played by Ministry of Health over Māori data
A No Booking Approach For Māori and Pasifika Now Required.
Covid-19 Update: We are now in Alert Level Four
Budget Delivers NO Extra Funding For Whānau Ora – Why?
Lest We Forget Anzac Day 2021
Whānau Ora Diploma Graduation 2021
Winter Packs Making Their Way To Whānau
Friday March 5, 2021
COVID UPDATE: February 28, 2021
Covid Update February 18, 2021
Level 3 Auckland and Level 2 Outside of Auckland
Latest Covid Case: Locations In Northland
Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency Annual Report 2019-2020
Waving The Flag For Whānau Ora In Parliament
“We are ready to support our communities” John Tamihere
WOCA Congratulates Piki Thomas!!!
NZ Election 2020: How Voting Works
Devolution Of Government Resources To Māori Communities Across Te Ika a Maui.
Matariki Award Winners For Our Collective Mahi During Covid
Matariki Awards Finalist: Whānau Ora!
Good Luck To Our Team In Tonights Matariki Awards 2020
Why Māori Vote In The General Election
CEO John Tamihere Talks Whānau Ora on Breakfast
Covid-19: Ikaroa-Rāwhiti Update
Covid-19: Our Waikato Partners Remain Vigilant and Consistent While Testing Whānau.
Covid-19: Alert Levels Extended
Covid-19: Our Partners Continued Vigilance With Testing
Covid-19: Manurewa Marae Bake & Deliver Rawena To Kaumatua
Covid-19: Whānau Ora Partners Diligent Mahi
Covid-19: Wave Two Alert Levels
Covid-19: Our Whānau Ora Partners Immediate Response
Covid-19: Te Tai Tokerau Responds
Korihi Quest: Te Tai Tonga It’s Your Turn!!
Korihi Quest: Ikaroa-Rāwhiti It’s Your Turn!!!!!!
Helping whānau clear debt with targeted support service
Call for Māori Inquiry into Oranga Tamariki
Whānau Ora Hui 2018 – Whānau Eke Panuku Conference publication
Listening to the voices of our elders to understand ageing
Te Ngira impacting employment and training