Helping whānau achieve better results with ACC

ACC Kaiārahi (or Navigators) is a new step toward helping whānau achieve better outcomes with ACC. 

No one sets out to be an ACC claimant but, if you need it, we’re here to tautoko you through what can be a difficult time for whānau.

This is a free and independent service supporting whānau to understand and access the range of services available and, if necessary, to advocate for you and your whānau. 

We can awhi in a number of ways, this includes providing information and advice, tautoko through enquiry, claim or complaints processes, and by navigating whānau into the right support at ACC or into other Whānau Ora services.

We want the best outcome for you and your whānau and we’re dedicated to ensuring the services we provide are whānau-focused, transparent, effective and work for whānau through all stages of the process.

Whether whānau are yet to make a claim, have an active claim in progress and need support, advice and advocacy in engaging with ACC, or have concerns or issues with an ACC decision and want to understand their options. Whānau Ora is committed to helping whānau achieve outcomes that are tika and pono.

ACC Kaiārahi can be contacted during normal work days, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm.

CALL      0800 222 924               EMAIL   acc@whanauora.nz