Our programmes that deliver our Commissioning for Outcomes. Whānau Direct offers whānau access to financial resources in moments that matter most to them. To overcome obstacles that stand in the way of whānau achieving their goals.


Kaiārahi (Navigators)

Kaiārahi are the Whānau Ora ground-force, supporting whānau to access integrated care and support. Kaiārahi advocate for whānau and wrap the necessary services around them to assist in achieving whānau goals.

Over 200 Kaiārahi are deployed throughout the North Island.


Collective Impact

A solution for supporting whānau success

Collective Impact is a revolutionary approach to tackle complex challenges. Collective I supports whānau to achieve their goals solutions must go beyond just one programme or Whānau Ora partner.

Whānau often have multiple and complex needs which require a range of Whānau Ora partners, and other groups, to come together to support successful change for whānau.


Ngā Tini Whetū

Ngā Tini Whetū draws inspiration from ancient Māori navigational traditions where stars and planets are used as guiding points to steer ancestral voyagers in the right direction.

As well as supporting whānau to achieve their aspirations, an objective of Ngā Tini Whetū is to prevent whānau from state intervention, that is, coming to the attention of Oranga Tamariki and/or ACC.

A Programme Manager will be deployed to collaborate localised solutions and, with the support of Kaiārahi, whānau are able to build on their strengths, navigate future challenges and work towards an aspirational future.

Additionally, within Ngā Tini Whetū, the Kete Oranga fund provides financial support to enable whānau to access support and resources to strengthen their capability to achieve their aspirations.


Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund supports our Whānau Ora partners to meet whānau needs and support them to achieve outcomes through an innovative approach.